Testimonials from Participants of our School Supply Program

“To see the kids, with big smiles on their faces, walking through the halls with their cardboard briefcases full of school supplies, is what this is all about, plus it was a great school fundraiser for us!”

– Julie, PTO President, Arlington, VA

“This school supply program is great. I only wish we would have done this many years ago for all of my kids. I don’t like shopping for school supplies and would rather spend time with my kids at the park.”

– Mary Ann, PTA President, Greeley, CO

“What a great school fundraiser. Our cost for brand-name supplies is less than what I would pay at our big national store in town and all of the supplies come in a nice cardboard briefcase. Each student name and grade is on their box then they put the student boxes inside bigger boxes and mark them by grade so we had an easy time distributing them.”

– Debbie, PTO Vice Pres., Westerville, OH

“We used this school fundraiser as our biggest fundraiser and raised a lot for the school’s new playground equipment.”

– Laurie, PTO Fundraising Chair, Champaign, IL

“These folks are easy to work with, respond quickly and handle all of the steps very efficiently. I really like the streamlined process so I don’t have to spend much time on this school fundraiser.”

– Jill, Principal, Gainesville, VA

“I was concerned about how the school supplies would be delivered. They came neatly stacked in big boxes on two pallets, shrink-wrapped so we could see the grade and take them to the classrooms easily. They delivered to the cafeteria where we kept them in the corner until we needed them. I love this school fundraiser.”

– Nancy, Home & School Assn., President, Sarasota, FL

“Our participation grew from 25% first year to over 50% now that parents have seen how easy and cost-efficient this school fundraiser is. I get a lot of positive feedback from our parents on the name brand quality of the supplies and the overall school supply fundraiser program.”

– John, Principal, Watertown, MA

“Thank you – very easy to order supplies this year – total time from picking up the kid’s instructions in their Friday Folder to writing this – 4 minutes”

– Christopher Yerington, Parent

“All of the products met our expectations. I also would like to thank you for sending us the additional supplies that you had promised for signing up with your program. The teachers really appreciated the additional materials.

Thank you again for your help and professionalism. I will be sure to pass on my good experience with the rest of the schools in the district.”

– Claudia, PTO President, Dayton, NJ

“Thank you, I am thrilled with the customer support we are receiving from you and I will pass that message on the the other schools I am affiliated with.”

– Effie, PTSA President, Sumner, WA

“I was impressed by the boxes! I think the children and parents who will see them tonight will also be amazed! Thank you!”

– Nancy, PTA President, Stillwater, MN

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