Frequently Asked Questions About Our School Supply Program

Q: Do you send me pricing based on our exact teacher supply lists?

A: Yes. We offer the well-known name brand items (Crayola, Elmers, Fiskars, etc.) that teachers may have on their lists and we can also make suggestions for other name brand substitutes for your lists where the product quality is similar but the price is less.

Q: How are your prices compared to the big, national discount stores?

A: Our experience proves that our prices are usually lower. Low price is one of our main objectives to make our school supply program attractive to the school and parent organization and then to the parents. We purchase large quantities, at big discounts, direct from the manufacturers. We maintain low overhead to keep our costs down so we can pass low prices on to you. We do not operate out of a large, expensive retail space like the retail stores.

Q: Does this cost our school or parent organization any money?

A: Nope! Our school supply program is a voluntary purchase for the parents with no minimums. In fact, if you want, you can use it as a school fundraiser to make money for the school.

Q: Do you offer incentives?

A: Yes. Please contact us as we offer very attractive incentives every year.

Q: What is the ordering process?

A: Online ordering, which allows parents to order with just a few clicks. Payment is submitted directly to us in this case. Your parents can order online all summer, even after the first day of school. We provide custom-built online ordering page for each school.

In any case, this is a voluntary school supply program for the parents to purchase a supply kit your school has no minimum number of orders.

Q: Why should parents purchase a kit?

A: Our price is usually less than at the retail stores because we do not have the overhead; parents save money on gas and car depreciation; parents may save the hassle of going to multiple stores for the exact items; kids usually want to spend more on additional supplies not on the list and/or on candy and other goodies; it helps our ecology when cars are kept off of the streets. Many parents would rather spend time at the park with their family than shop the stores for school supplies.

Q: How involved do I have to be?

A: Our experience allows us to streamline the process and minimize your involvement as much as possible – we understand you’re busy!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Send us any school supply lists in any format and we will e-mail you a price quote along with other info. This should give you a good idea of our school supply program pricing. We can then receive your final lists in any format. There’s no need for you to upload them into our system. Also, we can make any changes to the teacher supply lists later in the year.

You can also visit the Get Started or Contact Us pages and we will walk you through the steps.