What We Do

School Supplies America provides pre-packaged back-to-school supplies based on your school's exact teacher-supplied lists (including brand names). Each student's school supply kit is packaged in a sturdy cardboard briefcase, labeled, and delivered before the first day of school.

Simply provide the lists, choose your ordering preference (paper hand-outs, online, or both) and leave the rest to us!

Our Mission

We endeavor to provide you with the most cost-effective, high-quality, pre-packaged back-to-school supplies program, combined with the best service possible. We provide a completely flexible, obligation-free program for PTO/PTA and parents.

We pride ourselves on providing parents of school children with a savings of time and money, when they need it most!

How To Get Started

PTO/PTA Personnel:

Inquire about our program
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Kindly inquire with your PTO/PTA about becoming a partner school to enjoy the savings in time and money!

Back-To-School Supplies
Packaged and Delivered
Before the First Day of School



Parents can order our back-to-school supplies in just minutes - no need to shop at multiple stores, battlling other shoppers for scarce supplies!


Lower than the stores because we buy directly from the manufacturers! You can also opt to fundraise with the potential savings.


Exact brad names from the teachers' lists are packaged in the school supply kits. Common brands include Crayola, Elmers, Fiskars, and more.


You can opt to run the program as a fundraiser, earning however much you choose for any cause you wish to support.


Our back-to-school supply program is voluntary for parents. There are no minimums for your school.


For an obligation-free quote on either the past or upcoming year's school supply lists, please contact us or provide your supply lists.

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